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Customers can enjoy many benefits by joining Kapital Electric, Inc.’s solar referral program in Chicago, IL. Contact us for more information.

Our Solar Referral Program for Chicago, IL Customers

Kapital Electric, Inc. invites you to become an advocate for our solar power products and services in Chicago, IL. Our solar referral program is a perfect chance to purchase new solar power and stay in communication with our company. You can go directly to the App Store online to download the app for free and register as a user. This app lets us reach out to you with push notifications and in-app messaging so that we can improve your overall buying experience. Once you buy new solar energy for your home, you’re free to write a review and let us and viewers know how we did and whether you are satisfied with your new home energy solution. We offer this app with a Family Sharing set up, letting up to six members of your household use it on their Apple products, including Mac computers, iPhones, and iPod Touches.

Benefits of Joining Kapital Electric, Inc.’s Program

Advocating for Kapital Electric, Inc. using the app comes with many benefits, including getting paid while you show off your monitoring and spread the word about our services. You have an opportunity to encourage your neighborhood to invest in clean solar energy, bringing down carbon emissions and enjoying dependable power from the sun. When you advocate for renewable energy, you invest in the future as the number of households switching to solar continues to increase in the United States. Our solar referral program gives you the chance to connect with your neighbors and our company about going solar your experience with this renewable energy source and our services. Having direct communication with us through the app also gives you the opportunity to let us know where we can improve and recommend solar to other people in your community.

Leading the Way to Cleaner Alternative Energy

Kapital Electric, Inc. is a local leader in alternative energy solutions for homes and businesses in the metropolitan area and surrounding Illinois communities. We have decades of experience working in renewable energy and construction. You can trust our service and expertise through every step of converting your property to solar, from planning and design to installation and maintenance. With our solar referral program and app, you can be involved as an advocate for this clean energy resource with a simple download and registration.

Kapital Electric