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Protect Your Roof from Winter Storms

Winter poses numerous challenges to your roof. As snow and ice accumulates on your roof so does the risk of ice causing damage to it. Dangerous icicles that hang from your roof can fall without warning. Most homes are simply not equipped to deal with the rigors of winter. We’re proud to offer an alternative to ice damming problems in heat trace equipment to Chicagoland home and business owners. Heated panels are an extraordinary resource for home and business owners looking to protect their home or business.


How Does it Work?

Heat panels provide protection from debris that clogs your gutters, by integrating a channel where a heated cable can be inserted. We take care of wiring the cable, so you don’t need to worry.

Heat panels are a great way to save money because they only heat when ice is a danger by sensing temperature and moisture, as opposed to temperature alone. Additionally, Kapital Electric Inc. can install Heat Panels that can be activated from a smartphone. Best of all, Heat Panels come with an exclusive 10-year warranty.

The benefits of heated panels include:

  • The heated panels act as a filter for leaves, pine needles, and sand as rain and snow falls
  • You can harvest the snow. If you have a water storage system, the melted snow can provide an additional source of stored water.
  • The heated panels only need one cable to effectively melt all snow and ice from your roof and prevent ice dams.

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Discover How Easily Your Icebreaker is Installed

We want your home to be protected. Heated panel systems prevents roof damage from accumulation of snow and ice and can harvest snow and ice for water storage. But it also protects your home from the remnants of the seasons, including pine needles, leaves and roof sand. Keeping snow off your roof is important. Failure to do so can lead to expensive repairs to your home. Give us a call and discover how Heat Panels will revolutionize your home maintenance.

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