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Why Solar Shingles Are Right for Your Home 

Installing residential solar shingles is one of the smartest decisions you can make for the value and efficiency of your homeBetween tax rebates, reduced electric bills and energy credits, you will be saving a great deal and also helping the world get greener at the same time. 

Solar Shingles Installed on Roof

How Do They Work? 

Photovoltaic (PV) solar technology involves the capturing of the sun’s energy by special cells that convert the natural power into usable electricity. At first, solar panels were large, obtrusive and inefficient. But technology has improved drastically in the last decade, allowing us to have the benefits of solar power in the smallest, most efficient package ever: a solar shingle. The particular shingles we use are POWERHOUSE 3.0 Residential Solar Shingles, a leak-proof model designed for homes that need new roofs. These shingles can withstand extreme temperatures, produce energy even on overcast days and require little to no maintenance. The manufacturer of these shingles stands behind them as strongly as we do, offering a variety of warranty options for you to choose from. 

Why Kapital?  

For decades, Kapital electric has been providing construction and energy services for metropolitan Chicago and the surrounding suburban Illinois areas. In recent years, we have become the leader in solar solutions for Chicago because we don’t just install your systems; we also design, permit, and commission to simplify the process. We also evaluate your home and devise a custom solar setup prior to installation to ensure that your solar shingles are optimized for your unique needs. After installation, we will still be there to help, offering maintenance as needed as well as 24-hour emergency services for all our clients. We aim to exceed your expectations as we have been doing for all our customers since 2009. Check our frequently asked questions section below for more details about all we can do for you. 


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