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Building a New Future with Renewable Energy

Building a home or an office from the ground up will offer you a unique opportunity: To design and implement an energy system that works for your bottom line and for the environment. Designing a building with renewable energy can save you money down the line and can position you as a responsible member of your community.

construction worker installing solar panels on a roof

Switching to Solar for Your Big Move

As the push for pursuing renewable energy increases, there are more opportunities than ever to take advantage of financial benefits. For instance, there are numerous state and federal credits that we can help you secure in financing your project, and our consultants can help you ascertain which credits may be available to you. When you begin a new construction project, contact the experts at Kapital Electric Inc. to discuss the virtue of solar panels on your new home or office. Call 630-833-2389 today for a free quote!

Some restrictions apply. See store associate for details.

Frequently Asked Questions

As with any new questions, there are always questions and misconceptions surrounding solar. While we can answer any questions you may have, we can address a few common ones.

Our representatives are always available to speak with you about your new construction project. Give us a call if you have any questions.

Will snow harm my solar panels?

No. In addition to producing more energy in colder weather, the solar panels will produce heat, which will melt the snow.

Are solar panels effective in cloudy weather?

Yes. Clouds won’t inhibit your solar panel’s ability to function. Germany leads the world in solar power, but their usable sunlight levels are the same as Alaska

How much maintenance is involved?

Very little. Wind and precipitation will take care of the dust and dirt that accumulates, but we offer 24/7 emergency service on your solar panels.

Built-in EV Chargers in Your New Home

If you drive an electric car, you understand how difficult it can be to find charging stations when you need one. Making the decision to install EV Charging Stations in your new home or office has never been easier. Get off on the right foot when you embark on a new construction project by giving us a call.

Learn About Our Free On-Site Estimates and Financing Options!

Some restrictions apply. See store associate for details.