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Solar Panels and Evervolt Battery Storage Systems in Chicagoland, NW Indiana and Northern Illinois

Kapital Electric, Inc is a reputable and customer-focused renewable energy company that installs trustworthy Panasonic solar panels. Our Chicago, IL clients have experienced outstanding customer service and durable products for years due to our reliance on Panasonic. While other manufacturers have come and gone, Panasonic’s commitment to innovation and quality is unmatched. Panasonic has a long history, so we are proud to partner with them to deliver solar panels to our customers. When you make the switch to renewable energy, invest in the best. Choose Panasonic panels from our installers.

Huge Price Drop on Panasonic Solar Panels!!! Plus 25 Year Parts & Labor Warranty on Solar Panels, Solar Inverters & Racking. Panasonic has a nearly 92% production guarantee after 25 years. Call for a free consultation.

Triple Guard

Residential Solar Panel Installation in Chicago, IL

Why Panasonic Solar Panels Are a Great Investment

We are an authorized Panasonic solar installer, making us one of Chicagoland’s premier solar panel distributors. We have helped countless residential and commercial clients with renewable energy needs and feel Panasonic is the perfect solution. There are numerous reasons why Panasonic is the best choice. Perhaps the best is their 25-year warranty. They feel comfortable offering a lengthy warranty because their panels last the long haul. The manufacturer tests the panels against all kinds of stress and impact. They know the panels will work through the winter and withstand the most brutal storms. If anything happens, you’re covered with excellent protection.

Keep the Power Going: Panasonic EverVolt

We distribute Panasonic products because they produce durable and innovative projects. In addition to solar panels, we can sell and install their energy storage product. EverVolt is an efficient battery storage system that uses a lithium-ion battery to store surplus energy from your solar panels. The result is a reliable backup power system for use during power outages. The most attractive thing about EverVolt is the ability to keep the power on for hours during thunderstorms and occasional outages. It is an excellent solution to frequent blackouts.

Panasonic EverVolt

Evervolt Battery Storage in Chicago, IL


We Provide Innovation and Eco-Friendly Technology

We encourage you to take your renewable energy journey all the way. In addition to the cost savings supplied by solar panels, they make you a responsible member of society. By reducing wasteful energy, you can set an example for the neighborhood. If you own a company, you can attract clients by boasting your renewable energy credentials. No matter your reasons for taking the leap, you can expect a windfall.

Panasonic installer

Fastest Growing Installer

Make the Easy Switch to Renewable Energy