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Alternative Energy Solutions Experts in Chicago, IL

If you want to save on energy expenses while also protecting the environment, Kapital Electric, Inc. is the team to call. We provide comprehensive renewable energy solutions for homes in metropolitan Chicago and throughout the surrounding suburban Illinois communities. Our experts have been specializing in renewable and alternative residential energy for more than a decade, and our customers have reaped myriad benefits as a result. When you are ready to take advantage of renewable energy at your home, give us a call. We will handle all aspects of the planning, design, installation, and maintenance processes. Ask about our wide-ranging residential renewable energy solutions and how they can help you today.

Residential solar panel installation in Chicago

Our Residential Renewable Energy Solutions

During a free consultation, our experienced energy consultants will visit your home to determine if it is a good candidate for solar energy systems. We will analyze factors such as how much sun exposure your roof receives and your family’s typical energy consumption. With this data in mind, we will customize a renewable energy solution that best suits you. When we propose a plan, we will also detail your anticipated energy savings and explain various federal and state incentive programs for which you may qualify. Your unique alternative energy strategy may include one or more of the following residential solutions:

  • Solar Panels for Home – Our team will create a plan that utilizes photovoltaic (PV) solar panels to help power your Chicago area home. Solar panels collect the sun’s energy to produce electricity. Installation typically takes three to five days.
  • Home EV Charging Stations – If you drive an electric vehicle, you need a charging station at your home to ensure you are ready for your next road trip, regardless of the distance. We provide home charging stations from a range of leading manufacturers.
  • Whole-House Generators – We install whole-house generators that run on natural gas. These safe, alternative energy solutions will provide reliable year-round power, even when natural disasters shut down the city’s electrical grid.
  • Tesla Powerwall – A Tesla Powerwall is an intelligently-designed energy storage system. It will detect grid failures and immediately become your home’s new power source, providing up to seven days of continuous power.
  • Ice Melting Equipment – Snow and ice accumulations often accompany brutal Illinois winters. The added weight on your roof can cause damage, so ask about our heated panels today. They come with an exclusive 10-year warranty.
  • Solar Shingles – Solar shingles utilize PV solar technology to convert natural power into usable electricity. Our shingles can withstand extreme temperatures and require little to no maintenance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Residential renewable and alternative energy solutions are becoming increasingly popular among homeowners throughout Chicago, IL and the surrounding area. But many are still unsure of the intricacies and advantages of renewable energy. If you fall into that category, please call Kapital Electric’s knowledgeable team for more information. We have answered a couple of frequently asked questions below.

What Is Renewable Energy and How Is It Generated?

Renewable energy is an innovative way to power one’s home or commercial property. It harnesses power from the sun, wind, or water to create electricity without producing harmful greenhouse gases. Many of our solutions rely on PV solar panels that comprise a series of cells designed to collect energy from the sun. The sun’s rays dislodge the electrons to generate electricity. Our systems feature inverters, which convert the sun’s energy from a direct current (DC) into an alternating current (AC) compatible with your electrical system. Any excess power you generate is sent back to the utility company, thus saving you money and protecting the environment.

Why Is Renewable Energy Important?

Renewable energy is vital to conserving natural energy resources and protecting the environment. It enhances energy security and minimizes the risk of fuel spills while also saving you money every month. Furthermore, because renewable energy does not require transportation, it promises greater price stability and less labor, which leads to economic development.

Contact Kapital Electric, Inc. Today

The energy efficiency experts at Kapital Electric, Inc. have more than 25 years of industry experience, and they are committed to your complete satisfaction. We will power your home using residential renewable energy solutions on which you can rely. Our team serves customers from throughout Chicago, IL and the surrounding area, so contact us today for a free consultation.

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