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Emissions from fossil fuels and other non-renewable energy sources create emissions that may harmful to our environment. Solar panels help the environment because this renewable energy source reduces the amount of these carbon dioxide emissions. The Solar Power Resource Guide reports may be as helpful as growing nearly 2,500 trees.

This solar power would require areas of our earth and water to produce with solar panels. Overall, going solar is a healthier energy source for our waterways, air, and soil that we have within our environment. Currently, only one percent of the energy that we use here in our country is from solar panels. However, this number is increasing day by day because this energy is cost-effective and eco-friendly.

man installing a solar panel

How Does Solar Energy Affect the Environment

The sun shines each day and gives solar energy to your family’s home while giving no harm the environment. In contrast, electricity companies fuel energy sources by emitting waste and gases to the environment. These production processes for fossil fuels would not be easy to reduce without using solar power because it would be so prevalent and capable of powering every appliance in our homes.

As you attempt to create a better world for you and your family, you would be very gratified to use solar panel energy for your home’s energy source. You would not feel as concerned about your environmental footprint or impact on our planet, which could not have a monetary cost. Solar energy can reduce your household expenses and give you a more financial security overall.

According to the Energy Research Center, using solar energy results in 96 to 98 percent fewer gases that would create the greenhouse effect compared with coal energy. It also uses less water land, and other resources.

Some solar panels for your home would be connected with your community electricity source. This means that any amount of solar energy that you would have that is beyond the amount that you would need. In effect, this helps reduce the impact on the environment. As solar energy continues to be used by more people, the technology improves and becomes more cost-efficient.

If you would like solar energy for your home, don’t hesitate to contact Kapital Electric Inc. to schedule an appointment!