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Many commercial enterprises are getting on the solar energy bandwagon and adding solar panels to their commercial buildings and structures. Renewable energy is here and will be able to accommodate your energy needs well into the future. Present-day equipment is projected to last for about 25 years, and with rising energy costs, renewable energy is worth strong consideration.

Solar Panels: Are They a Good Fit for Your Commercial Building?

Initial Consultation

Solar and renewable energy companies are well-equipped to create an individualized plan for your business’s present and future business needs. The equipment that you purchase initially is long-lasting and usually offset by energy savings over the life of the panels. A complete consultation will also discuss your future growth plans and how you see your energy needs changing in the future. Solar energy provides cost savings that are well worth the initial investment. At the consultation stage of the process, you will also learn a lot more about how solar panels work and how they can save you money well into the future.

Tax Credits and Incentives

Typically, a conversion over to renewable energy, such as solar panels, comes with tax breaks and credits. Currently, the credits equal about 30% which is another way that initial costs can be offset. A 30% tax credit is significant enough to warrant a closer look at how solar energy can have a positive impact on your commercial business. Tax regulations do change and are subject to variances in different situations, however, tax credits are currently available and are one more reason why solar energy makes sense.

Financial Perks

Accelerated depreciation is also permitted for the value of the solar panels which can help to defray the initial equipment costs. Commercial interests are being pinpointed as good candidates for renewable energy and the costs savings are there to help with the installation costs. Financing is also available, with most renewable energy companies able to work with you to finance the cost of the equipment, installation, and conversion to renewable energy. Cost savings in energy rates add up over the years, and with the current solar panels lasting at least 25 years, you can realize significant savings.

The Installation Process

Once you have finalized your energy needs for now and the future and conducted a financial analysis for the cost of converting to a renewable energy source, the installation process can begin. The entire process will be overseen by a team dedicated to your project who is available to answer any questions or address any concerns. Purchase and manufacture of the panels accounts for the most lead time, with the installation process itself a fairly straightforward one. Solar panels can be attached to the roof of your structure and can also be set up as a “farm” if you have the available land. One or both of these placement methods can be discussed during your consultation. Maximization of your energy savings is the goal with renewable energy.

Kapital Electric is happy to come out to your site and evaluate your commercial building to see if solar panels will work for you. Contact Kapital Electric, Inc. today, we look forward to meeting with you!