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Do you want to improve your lifestyle? The growth of solar and other renewable energy resources is changing the world in major ways. Clean green resources are helping to stem the tide of dangerous carbon emissions and other pollutants. As monumental as solar power has become, there are plenty of small, innovative ways that everyday people can harness and enjoy the power of the sun.

6 Solar Energy Innovations to Improve Lifestyle

  • Solar Paint: You may have seen small buildings such as public bathrooms or street signs powered by a solar panel or two. Well, a research group in at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in Australia has developed a solar paint that can convert any surface into an energy harvester. The paint collects solar energy and moisture, converting both to power up fuel cells. The small-scale possibilities are endless. Paint an outbuilding and power it up into a greenhouse with grow lights, for example.
  • Solar Device Chargers: Winning the climate change war can be accomplished by prevailing in millions of renewable skirmishes. Charging the average iPhone uses only about 19.2 Wh per day. That’s not a lot of electricity, but multiply that by millions of phones and it’s significant. The XDModo Solar Charger is a palm-sized, trendy panel that sticks to any sunny window and amps up your device.
  • Heated Pools: Much of the media coverage has been aimed at renewable energy in terms of homes, businesses, and automobiles in the United States. In other countries, solar heating and cooling is extremely popular and it can be applied to anyone’s backyard pool. Utilizing panels for a pool heating or cooling system would provide two benefits. First, you might actually do it because you wouldn’t be worried about your electric bill going up. Second, seasonal pool use may be extended. That’s a pleasant green, lifestyle perk.
  • Solar Walkways: Many homeowners have an image in their minds about illuminating walkways with small lights planted in the ground. The solar-implanted light was an obvious commercial product. But there are always people thinking outside the box and solar brick pavers are making a splash. These 4X8-inch products are self-contained solar systems that collect, store, and produce light. They can be used to accent patios, and decks and serve as markers in the night. But they can prove even more beneficial for lighting up walkways. The more solar bricks you swap into a walkway, the brighter it gets.
  • Solar Dog House: A key problem for pet lovers is allowing the family dog to stay outside during the sweltering summer months. These dog palaces have solar-powered ventilation systems. They create direct airflow and fan cooling when it’s sunny and indirect clean air exchange at night. They are designed as safe, low-voltage cooling operations that won’t endanger animals with an electric shock.
  • Hot Showers: Sun showers have always been a wonderful idea, at least in theory. The main problem is that hooking one up to your hose means icy water. Never a good thing. However, Eco Solar Heated Outdoor showers convert that hose water into more than 2 gallons of a warm shower. They’re easy to set up and portable versions are also on the market. Sometimes it’s the little things in life that make a tremendous lifestyle difference.

As solar power gains global steam, inventors and innovators will find more and more wonderful uses that make life a little better and the environment a little cleaner.

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