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The solar market is constantly growing over time, with U.S market having grown by 76% in the year 2016. With such growth, it is high time that you consider using solar energy to light and power your home. Following the rising rate of pollution especially from other sources of energy, you will find it reasonable to revert to solar energy which will help save the universe.

solar panel installed in a residential house

10 Benefits of Solar Energy

1. Saves You Money

Evidently, the only cost you incur while using solar energy is just the initial installation cost. With solar panels in place, you will no longer have to worry about the electricity bill. In a quick analysis, your current monthly electricity bill can be approximated to be $100. If you switch to solar energy, you will be saving $100 every month, which when multiplied by two decades, the length of a normal solar panel warranty, translates to more than $30,000 in savings.

2. Savings Starts Trickling in From First Day

Through the pay-as-you-go program, a third party company, mostly the solar provider, will own your solar system but on the other hand, they will fund the installation, maintenance, repairs, and monitoring. All that will be required from you is a small monthly fee, less than that paid to other energy providers.

3. Extensive Payback Period

If you choose pay-as-you-go option, the repayment period of installation cost will be set to a maximum of 10 years. This means that, the monthly repayment fee will be lower, ensuring that you are not seriously affected financially.

4. Increase the Value of Your Home

When purchasing a home, the one with pre-installed solar panels has an added advantage, since it translates into lesser electricity costs. Also, solar panels will boost the attractiveness of your home. Considering these two factors, you will notice that during a home sale, solar panels will give you an added advantage as they will attract more customers.

5. There Is an Advantage of Incentives

The federal solar tax credit of $2000 was lifted in the year 2009. Due to this lift, you will benefit from 30% cost cut, both in installation and equipment. This leads to savings of up to $ 7,500 after installing a solar panel worth $ 25,000.

6. Solar Panels Are a Secure Investment

You have probably noticed that many utility companies have unreliable and fluctuating electricity prices. This is not the case when it comes to solar panels, since you can calculate the amount of electricity generated and also its cost, hence there is little to no chance of being ripped off.

7. Guaranteed Performance

You will get a 20 to 25 years warranty from the solar panel manufacturers. According to the industry standard, you are guaranteed of 80% performance after using your solar panel for 25 years.

8. Saves the Environment

By replacing utility power with the clean power generated by solar panels, you will be lowering the carbon dioxide emissions. These emissions are currently an environmental threat. Fortunately, solar panels can help in fixing the situation since they emit a negligible amount of carbon dioxide.

9. Creates Energy Independence

You will notice that most countries are highly dependent on foreign energy. Eventually, there will be limited supply of natural gas, coal, and oil. With a little supply of these commodities, you will have to pay more to access them. This is why solar energy is a step in the right direction, since every country can produce it without relying on foreign help.

10. Solar Is Easy

Purchasing solar panels is a very easy task. There are numerous solar companies in the United States alone, which means that you will take a minimum amount of time before finding a suitable solar deal.

Evidently, going solar has become easy, with numerous solar consultants being readily available to evaluate your options. With the above benefits, you will agree that solar panels are currently the best and most reliable source of energy.