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We Can Get You Wired In

Kaptial Electric Inc. is the premier provider for solar system wiring in Chicago, IL. Once you’ve invested in renewable energy sources like home chargers for your electric car or solar power panels for your home and office, you’ll have decisions to make about which methods and materials to use when wiring your system. Wiring a solar-powered building or EV Charging Station is no less complex than standard electrical wiring. To get the most out of your home, office, or car, contact Kapital Electric Inc. to get set up.

rows of solar panels on a roof

Get the Most out of Your Solar Panels

In order for solar power to work, it must be able to able to convert the sun’s power trapped in the solar panels into electricity for your building. Depending on the amount of space between the panels and the structure, as well as the power needed to run the appliances in your home or office, there are numerous wiring options to consider. The decisions you make will impact the effectiveness of your system. For instance, the wiring and voltage requirements in a solar panel installation built in a series circuit will differ from that of a parallel circuit. We have the expert technicians you need to get it done right the first time. Don’t put yourself in a position where you’re not getting the most out of your solar installation. Let us make sure you’ve chosen the right wiring.

What Are the Benefits of Installing Solar Panels?

Every day, more and more home and business owners are enjoying the numerous benefits of solar energy. As this revolutionary energy solution continues to gain in popularity, you may be wondering if solar power is right for your property. Kapital Electric Inc. is here to provide you with the information you need to make an educated decision about solar panel installation. Our team has the knowledge, experience, and tools to ensure that you’re getting the most value from your solar panels. Learn about the many benefits of choosing a solar system to power your home or office:


  • Solar Power Will Reduce or Eliminate Your Electric Bill

The primary benefit of choosing solar power is to help save you money. When you install solar panels, you’re no longer reliant on local town or city electricity. Instead, your solar panels convert power from the sun into electricity. Depending on how much electricity your home or office requires you, could drastically reduce or eliminate your electric bill.

  • Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

By choosing solar power, you’re helping to reduce your carbon footprint and reliance on fossil fuels. Solar power is a clean, renewable energy source that is generated by sunlight and converted into electricity without carbon emissions.


  • Earn Money through Incentives and Buyback

The federal government offers a solar tax credit called the investment tax credit, or ITC, which allows property owners to deduct a portion of their solar costs from their taxes. The State of Illinois also offers a number of incentives for home and business owners who are looking to make the jump to solar power.

  • Improve the Value of Your Home

As more homeowners look for ways to control and lower their energy costs, solar panels are an attractive feature when you’re looking to sell your home. Not only will it attract more buyers, but if you own your solar panel system, its value is added to your home’s appraisal.


Choose the Leader in Renewable Energy

Kapital Electric Inc. is the premier provider of clean and renewable energy solutions in Chicagoland. Our team offers a wide variety of services to business owners who are looking to save money while reducing their carbon footprint. We utilize innovative and new technologies that maximize performance while reducing costs. Speak to our knowledgeable and experienced team to learn more about the following commercial services we provide.

Get to Where You’re Going

Your peace of mind is important. If you have made the decision to purchase a home EV Charging Station, you’ll want to make sure it is connected properly. No one wants to wake up in the morning and find that they can’t make it to work or can’t run to the grocery because of a system failure. If you are a business owner who has made the decision to invest in an EV Charging Station to help draw customers to your store, ensuring full functionality will be a must. Kapital Electric Inc. has the years of experience and technical expertise to ensure that your life runs seamlessly. Call 630-948-5043 today for a free quote!

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