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Enjoy a Seamless Day with Our Tesla Powerwall Systems

We live in a world that is thoroughly dominated by electricity. Our ability to work, keep food cold and function day to day rely on the dependability of our electrical grids. The problem with relying so heavily on electricity in the modern world is our supply of electricity tends to be fixed during certain periods of the day, but our collective usage fluctuates throughout that same period of time. This fluctuation, in combination with the static supply of electricity, can cause problems. Kapital Electric Inc. is at the forefront of technologies to help create a seamless, uninterrupted life.


Understanding How Energy Storage Works

Energy Storage Systems are technologies designed to help manage the flow of electricity during peak power usage times, improve the quality and reliability of power and decrease the frequency of power outages. While there are numerous methods of doing so, some of the technologies that have been developed in recent years include:

  • Powerwall: Made by Tesla, Powerwall detects grid failures and immediately becomes your home’s power source. You won’t notice when your electrical grid fails.
  • Solid State Batteries: Solid State Batteries include a variety of electrochemical storage technologies including advanced chemistry batteries and capacitors.
  • Flow Batteries: Unlike standard batteries, Flow Batteries store energy directly in the electrolyte solution for a longer lifecycle and for quicker response times.
  • Flywheels: Flywheels deliver seamless and instantaneous energy using devices that harness the energy produced by rotation.
  • Compressed Air Energy Storage: These energy storage devices build compressed air to create a large energy reserve.
  • Thermal: Just as you may think, thermal systems simply use the natural power of both heat and cold to create on-demand energy.
  • Pumped hydro-power: These energy storage systems create substantial reserves by utilizing gravity and manipulating the elevation of the water

Understanding how each Energy Storage System works is crucial in choosing which will work for you personally. By using energy storage, you can maximize your home or business’s efficiency by ensuring a seamless transfer of power with stores of power. Call 630-948-5043 today for a free quote!

Help Build a Renewable Future with Tesla

As a certified Tesla dealer, we are proud to offer the Powerwall, an elegantly-designed Energy Storage System. When combined with solar power, the Powerwall will meet all of your home’s energy needs on its own. And in the case of an outage, Powerwall can provide continuous power for over seven days. To learn more about Powerwall, contact a Kaptial Electric Inc. representative today.

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