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A Complete Energy System for Your Home

Kapital Electric, Inc. specializes in alternative power solutions for homes and businesses throughout Chicago, IL. Tesla energy systems provide dependable power year-round with Tesla solar technology. We proudly offer this product from Tesla to convert your house to clean solar energy. Tesla Powerwall is an example of how you can safeguard your home’s electrical use with a battery backup system powered by the sun. You can also install Tesla solar panels on your roof to collect energy and provide your home with a constant flow of electricity to power your lights, HVAC system, appliances, and anything else you connect to your electrical system. Solar energy is an excellent way to lower your utility bills and offset your dependence on your local power grid if you use energy responsibly. With our expertise and collection of Tesla solar energy solutions for your entire home, you get to reduce your carbon footprint without sacrificing your power use.

By installing a Tesla energy system at your Chicago, IL property, Kapital Electric, Inc. gives you an efficient and complete energy system for your home.

An energy efficient home powered by Tesla Energy Systems

Upgrading Your Chicago Home With Tesla Solutions

Tesla’s solar energy solutions encompass a broad range of your residential power needs, including a backup electrical resource when a storm or power outage affects your home. Kapital Electric, Inc. is a certified Tesla dealer that proudly offers a wide array of alternative energy products to homeowners throughout the metropolitan area and surrounding communities. Instead of relying on your local power grid and risking outages and other issues with electricity, you can turn to us to provide dependable, complete energy systems. A prime example of power solutions is Tesla Powerwall, an energy storage system that combines with solar power to ensure energy for your home. We’ve described some of Tesla’s complete energy system choices below:


  • Powerwall – Powerwall detects grid failures and immediately switches on to act as your home’s power source for over seven days without needing additional power support.
  • Solar Panels – These panels let you collect unlimited solar energy by generating clean electricity with a low-profile design.


  • 24/7 Control – You can manage your home’s power system remotely while producing energy for it using the sun’s rays.
  • Wall Connector – Having a wall connector at your home allows you to wake up to a fully charged vehicle from Tesla. You can also use your connector’s power to charge another electric vehicle.

Kapital Electric, Inc. Has Your Power Needs Covered

With impressive home energy solutions like Tesla solar panels and Tesla Powerwall, Kapital Electric, Inc. ensures you never sit in the dark when the power grid fails. Solar energy is also a clean power source you can use to keep your home’s electrical system running at all times without relying on local utility services. When your neighborhood or the city’s power is out, you can sit comfortably at home with continuous power. Our team can explain Tesla’s complete energy system solutions to you and work with you to decide which products are perfect for your property.

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